Work Today, Get Paid Tomorrow

CEC Entertainment now offers access to earned wages with our NEW “Work Today, Get Paid Tomorrow” program. Don’t wait between paychecks anymore!

It’s more than a paycheck, it’s peace of mind. All CEC Employees are eligible on the 1st day of hire to have access up to 25% (or max $500) of their earned wages instantly by signing up with

  • Must be 16+ years old
  • No bank or credit check necessary
  • No cost to enroll or cancel and no recurring fees
  • $3 (for weekly) - $5 (for bi-weekly) flat fee entire pay period ONLY when services are used
Chuck E. Cheese with payactiv application


All employees are eligible and access services via PayActiv website, mobile app, or ATM kiosks.

  • No change to employee banking
  • Connect from anywhere
  • One seamless platform
  • Available in all 50 states


Timely access to earned wages enables employees to be self-reliant and it prevents fee and debt traps.

  • No more payday loans
  • No more late fees or bank overdrafts
  • No additional debt
  • No more financial stress


Employees get instant and timely access to earned wages when they need it most, plus tools to plan and save at every level.

  • Access earned wages
  • Allocate and save
  • Get financial counseling
  • Get Rx discounts
  • Pay bills online and much more

Happier Employees. Increased Productivity.

When living paycheck to paycheck, meeting common needs like rent, groceries, and bills can be a challenge. CEC partnered with PayActiv to offer employees access to earned wages ahead of payday providing financial flexibility. Not having to wait two weeks for your paycheck can be a game-changer.

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Get the PayActiv App Now

Download on the app store or text “Enroll me” to 877-937-6966
Earned Wage Access administered by PayActive | 1-877-937-6966 |
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